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All About The Harry Potter AR Game Launching In 2018

Niantic Labs recently confirmed launching AR based Harry Potter: Wizard Unite in 2018.


Changes and advancements in the gaming world aims to give gamers the best possible experience. As you enjoy the games available, it is important that you know about the Harry Potter AR game.

Pokémon Go, Niantic’s augmented reality game has never failed the people. Just like it never disappointed, its upcoming game will also be a hit. Niantic Labs recently confirmed that they would launch the game; Harry Potter: Wizard Unite in 2018. This has created a craze among game lovers all over the world.


Image Source: Engadget

Word has it that it is going to feature all the fun we have witnessed in the Harry Potter series. If you remember all the spell castings, the fights, and the thrilling experiences of the characters, then you know what to expect. This game will bring an out-of-the-world experience for the players. They will get to learn about the spells, carryout explorative activities in a bid to uncover legendary beasts and fight them. They will also team up with others so that they can be able to defeat and conquer all mighty enemies.

TechCrunch reported that this game would be co-developed by Warner Brothers Interactive and Portkey Games. Since this news broke out, fans have raised their expectations of the game. Because, you can expect nothing less but excellence and thrilling events from these two mighty companies.

TechCrunch also hinted at the fact that the game may borrow a few features from Ingress, which was a previous project by Niantic Labs. The players will get the chance to navigate their physical world in a bid to collect power-ups as well as to defend their territories. The chances that it will be similar to Pokémon Go’s gym system are very high.

In September, Niantic Lab commented about using audio cues to in their future AR game developments. The reason for this was stated to be that when a player holds their phone up for a long time was not a good picture and made them look like ‘doofus.’ Because of this, speculations are going around, claiming that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will feature the use of sound cues.

With all the craze this news sparked, we can be sure of one thing. Many people are waiting for this game to launch. I know I will. It is a little discouraging that there are no specific dates, but that keeps the anticipation flame burning.

So far, there is very limited information concerning the game, the mechanism, and so on. Even so, patience is our virtue. We will know more eventually. Since the game features the all-time popular series Harry Potter, we expect that this game will do strikingly wonderful in the market without fail. The excitement that the series had is what is expected, and we know that Niantic will not fall short of expectations; at least not after the success that Pokémon Go. Until the game is released or more information is given, we encourage you to keep playing Pokémon Go. The AR effects will keep you entertained until then.

Source Android Authority Engadget Niantic