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5 Most Anticipated Virtual Reality Gaming Titles In 2018

The list of much-awaited virtual reality gaming titles launching next year.


2018 is going to be a wonderful year for a lot of gamers because it features the release of some of the most anticipated virtual reality games in the entire world. Some of these games are:


The Inpatient

This is a horror game that is set in Supermassive’s Until Down world. It is going to be launched on January 23rd, 2018 in the USA and on 24th in Europe and other places. This game is set in the 50s and all the action is taking place in an eerie Blackwood Sanatorium. This is a PS4 game that is highly anticipated by many people because of the mystery, thrill, and scare it is expected to offer. This game was highly anticipated this year, but the developer’s website announced its delay until next year.


Bravo Team

This is yet another game from Supermassive Games that was intended to be released this year, but because of a few things, its release date was postponed to March 2018. It will be released on 6th in the USA and on 7th in Europe and other places in the world. This is also a PS4 game that features a first-person cover shooter. This game is a game full of action that will get your adrenaline rushing through your system. It is a very intense game that will have you completely immersed in the modern day world it features.


The Hong Kong Massacre

This is yet another PlayStation 4 game that is very intense and exciting and is eagerly being awaited by many. This is an Indie Studio Vreski’s game with some of the best features and the first to be created by a team of two developers from Sweden. The world of its setting is excellent, and the scenes are well developed and designed to give you that perfect real-time feeling every gamer yearns for. This top-down shooter violent game will show you what real action is all about.



This is an adventure virtual reality game set to be released in February 2018. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and is developed and published by Polyarc. The view of the game is in a first-person perspective. The player gets a book in the library that transports them to a fantasy world where they meet other characters and embark on a series of adventures.  It is exciting, exploratory, thrilling, and adventurous. It will leave your mind opened up to possibilities because of the impact it will on your mind.


Brass Tactics

This is an excellent game that features a five-mission solo campaign that is against AI soldiers. It has an RTS battling mode online. The player starts off as a commander responsible for a unit of soldiers in a castle base. On the other hand, there is a castle where the enemy resides. The game was scheduled to be launched in October 2017, but had to be pushed back to give more room to enhance its features and improve the game; the new release date is set to be 22nd February 2018.

With the anticipation that these games have created, they cannot afford to fall below the expectations of the public at any cost.