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At TECHPRIOR, we are always looking for passionate contributors who are willing to inform, inspire and engage our readers with authentic content; the content that can push the industry of immersive technology forward. Our mission is to create fresh and immersive articles on AR, VR and IoT. As a guest contributor, industry professional or an expert, you can contribute high-quality, original articles/editorial content, and can get a chance to feature yourself in front of wide audience.

We request you to please read the guidelines mentioned below carefully before submitting your story to us.


Content Guidelines

We strongly believe in maintaining the authenticity in the interest of our readers, and for that we strictly adhere to our guidelines while creating content.


Content Tone

Our content is friendly, optimistic and highly professional. The aim of our content is to provide friendly advice, thought leadership and product reviews with positive attitude. While we eat, breathe and live technology, we gracefully embrace the fact that we are not know-it-all. We thus encourage content that can reflect us as technology fans and not critics.


Topics We Love to Write On

  • News related to AR, VR & IoT
  • Product reviews and tutorials
  • Helpful tips and tricks
  • A creative Listicle on our focused topics
  • Original editorial/Thought leadership articles


Writing Guidelines

  1. The content has to be original and properly checked for plagiarism.
  2. The article must be fact-checked thoroughly and proper sources must be cited.
  3. You must own the rights to any image included in the content. If the image is used from a third-party source, it must be properly attributed and checked for the rights to be reused.
  4. Images must be of high resolution (300dpi) with at least 1200 pixels wide.
  5. Criticism is welcomed but shouldn’t be sharp in tonality. Be clever, but not snarky.
  6. A story or an article should have at least 400-500 words. For editorial and thought leadership articles, the minimum requirement is 1000 words.
  7. Please provide proper headings wherever required and ensure the resources are mentioned at the end of the article.
  8. Include an abstract of the article in the beginning with not more than 160 characters.
  9. We do not encourage content developed with a purpose of self-promotion, link building or any other marketing objective.
  10. TECHPRIOR reserves the right to publish the article. We do not guarantee that your post will be published after submission. We will contact you if your post is accepted for publishing.


Share Your Story/ Editorial

To submit your story/editorial, send it to editor [at] techprior [dot] com