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At TECHPRIOR, our readers are enthusiastic about the emerging new immersive technologies. Our audience is a perfect amalgamation of end users, thought leaders and industry professionals. A lot of them are also industry influencers who can elevate your brand further by presenting it in front of billions of people.

For advertisers, TECHPRIOR is the best possible platform that enables placing the brand in front of wide group of potential audience, and that too with the correct medium.


Our Value Proposition for Advertisers

From sponsored stories and branded content to strategic media placements, we have the right mix of avenues to showcase your brand in the best possible manner.


Sponsored Editorials

Sponsored Editorial is editorial funded, but with no direct influence. The content is ideated, designed and written by TECHPRIOR staff as per the editorial standards. However, the content is developed considering your brand values and goals.


Branded Content

Branded Content is developed collaboratively with the advertiser in order to effectively tell the brand story to the audience. This content is exclusively aimed to promote the brand or its products/services and contains no involvement of our newsroom.


Strategic Media Placements/Display Ads

We also provide industry standard and custom ad units that advertisers can choose from to showcase the brand across potential webpages and directly within the posts. The responsive ad placements ensure that your brand message is visible, irrespective of the platform.

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