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Are You Ready for The Hundreds of Millions of Augmented Reality Devices For 2018?

For Android developers, 2018 is going to be a glorious year full of exciting experiences for the developers and their customers. That is the year where Android smart devices users will be glad.


As announced by Google’s Vice President of Business and Operations for Virtual Reality, Mr. Amit Singh augmented reality will be the crowning glory for hundreds and millions of Android devices. It is just a matter of time, to hit the internet and spread like wildfire. The excitement brought by this piece information is overwhelming.

With the kindness shown by Google towards app developers, we can only see how true this information is and the efforts therein. Mr. Amit Singh, while addressing those in attendance at the Web Summit Technology Conference in Lisbon, stated that hundreds of millions of Android devices would be ready for augmented reality come 2018. He also spoke of the efforts they are putting into this project to make it a reality. The company has invested a lot of its finances in the development and release of the ARCore which is a platform that is going to enable developers to make the AR applications for these devices.



With the introduction of such devices in the market, the experience that it will bring is expected to become a daily habit for their customers. And, this is true considering all the fun experiences it is going to give the user.



Up to now, there are those who are experiencing the joy of augmented reality on their phones. When the idea of AR came up, the two technology gurus Apple and Google took it as an opportunity to enlarge their grounds. Apple released their ARKit for the developers to use in creating AR applications for their brand and it revolutionized their market. The ARCore was released this year in August by Google. It was incorporated in two high-end phones; the famous Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Pixel Phone from Google.

Even so, with the release of ARCore, the Vice President Mr. Amit Singh said that both mid-and-low end Android phones would have these features. This means that all their customers will be able to enjoy the product without price discriminations.

Because of the release of ARCore, we are convinced that a lot will change for the Android developers because there will be a natural evolution, if monetization in the market is just as suspected by Mr. Amit Singh. The potential to make more money will grow by AR, and many people will be able to enjoy the monetary gains whether through games or shopping as hinted by the Vice President.

All we can do now is to wait for the devices to start circulating the markets come next year. It is expected that around 100 million devices will be ready. Therefore, ensure that you are one of the 100 million to have the devices.

AR is going to change the day to day lives of many people without a doubt. As stated by Mr. Amit Singh, it is indeed going to be a daily habit that people will not be able to shake off.

Source CNBC Yahoo Finance