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5 Best Things the Amazon Echo Can Do That You Do Not Know About!

There are so many hidden potentials of this Amazon Echo that many people know nothing about.



There are so many hidden potentials of this Amazon Echo that many people know nothing about. Some of the amazing things that this device can do, and you know them not include the following.

Booking Uber is a breeze

Using uber has made life very easy, and they are very convenient. Because of this, the developers of this product added a new feature that lets you order for an Uber ride at any given time with a lot of ease. All you have to do is say “Alexa, order an Uber.” This new feature is excellent and transforms this device to a new level. It offers a very speedy order experience that you will enjoy.


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Be organized in a new way

You can easily add events to your Google calendar and check for upcoming ones.

Google calendar made my life very easy and organized but when I bought this device and realized it could, my joy for having google calendar escalated. With Amazon Echo, you will no longer have to go to the google calendar to manually check what is there. All you need to do is as Alexa to check it for you. If there is something you need to add, just give the command and Alexa will get on it. When the event has been added, it will appear on your phone and your computer because the device connects to Google’s server.

Let Alexa read to you a Kindle book or play an audiobook

This device also impacts our reading experience. You can easily get Alexa to read you an audiobook or a kindle book. Reading can be exhausting, but when Alexa does it, all you have to do is enjoy the reading. This Echo device is capable of remembering where you stopped during the last reading and it will pick from there.  Alexa’s voice is not so robotic and you will be able to hear what she reads out to you.

Help you with your bartender skills

This is one feature of this Echo device by Amazon that every bartender needs to know about. This device has bartender skills that will come in handy when you want to make a drink. All you have to do is ask Alexa how to make a cocktail, and she will read out the recipe you will need. It is the perfect app for any mixologist to use and sharpen their skills.


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Track Your Packages

When using this device, you can track every package that you are expecting from Amazon. When you have ordered the package to someone else, you will also keep track of it. All you have to do is ask Alexa is, “where is my package?” and it will respond with information about the package. It is excellent at keeping you informed.

All these are amazing ways to use your Echo device to make the experience further better. Echo must have been making your life easier since that is the intended use. Even so, if you do not explore its full potentials, you will not enjoy the numerous advantages.

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