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Smellable VR: Another Dimension in Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality has been one of the areas of technological advancements that can only get better with time. We have dealt so much with sound and sight but now scent is part of the equation, and it is amazing.


In the years past, there was the introduction of Smell-O-Vision which features the use of scents in theaters. In that period, there was a release of a romantic film called Scent of Mystery. The Smell-O-Vision technique used diffusers that were found underneath the seats. This use of scent to bring a more real experience was met by a lot of criticism with some calling it a stunt. Little did they know that in the 21st century, the use of smell to trigger real-life experiences will become a ‘thing.’

Early in the second millennium, many other devices gave odors like Odorama and iSmell. As time went by and technological advancements took giant leaps, a lot was uncovered on the use of scent in VR. VR headsets have become a ‘must-have’ object in every house and the impact it created has been great. Even so, incorporating scents in the VR experience is further adding to the greatness of this immersive technology.

A Japanese startup embarked on a successful mission to catapult VR experiences to higher levels with the use of scent. Vaqso is a VR headset that incorporates the use of smell. It has an odor emitting attachment shaped like a candy bat. This headset accommodates up to three different odors. There’s also a fan to alter the intensity of the scent depending on what is happening on the screen.

This company is looking forward to work with advertising companies, movie companies, and game developers to incorporate their scent technology into their products and improve the user’s experience. This will change a lot of these companies making their products even more immersive as it deeply draws the public to the happenings therein.

Other than this, there is also the Vocktail. The Vocktail brings together smell and taste to give you an experience that is as real as the real experience. The Vocktail looks like a martini glass with a pedestal attached to it. There are electronics, three scent cartridges, LED, and micro air pumps.

The mechanism for its functioning features changes to the liquid’s color in the glass by the LED. The cartridges then releases the smell depending on your preferred choices of scents. With this device, you can turn any liquid in the glass to anything you want it to be which is excellent.

Other than these two, there are also other developments that we may see sooner that use scent for VR. Project Nourished is something that is still cooking in the kitchen but when it is done, you will delight in every meal you take. This is a project that aims to use a VR headset, bone conduction headphones, virtual utensils, an aromatic diffuser, and a 3D printed food that is going to simulate any kind of food in any kind of setting.

There are numerous other VR devices that emit scents and with the various VR objects developed and those being developed, VR experiences will only keep getting better.

Via: Engadget, Business Insider