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Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps of 2017

Wide array of AR apps are available in the market for a more sophisticated and engaging user experience


Gone are the days when augmented reality was deemed to be far from reality. Truth of the moment is that AR is a reality which is doing wonders in our day to day life. Owing to mesmerizing innovations, wide array of AR apps are available in the market for a more sophisticated and engaging user experience.

Here are top 5 augmented reality apps of 2017-



Theodolite is an ideal augmented reality (AR) app for surveyors, architects, rescue professionals, bikers, hiking enthusiasts, army-men and travel enthusiasts. It not only enables you to click geo-tagged images and videos with geographical data, but also serves the purpose of being the best navigation app available in the market. Surveyors do not need to go through the taxing process of tying strings at pole ends to measure, as the app does it all.


 AR Flashcards App

You can bid adieu to the conventional and monotonous way of teaching kids as the AR flashcards app not only makes learning easy but fun also. Kids love interactive learning more, which helps them retain information more than they would otherwise. Learning is just a click away with the AR flashcards app. All you need to do is point your iOS or Android device at printed flashcards and a 3D animal will pop up on the screen. Tapping on that will enable you to hear the name of the animal and the letter. This app has 26 animals which you would like your toddlers to learn about before they go to school.


Ideal for architecture, retail, E-commerce among others, Augment is an AR SaaS (Software as a Service) app. It allows you to visualize content in a real 3D and real time environment. It allows you to envisage 3D models using augmented reality. Plus, 3D content management is also a breeze. Thanks to Augment manager facilitated with the app.


Inkhunter is a superb augmented reality app that enables you to try various tattoos before you get one inscribed on your arm. The tattoo design is projected on the part of your body, you want the tattoo on to have you get an idea about how it would actually look like. You can choose from a wide array of tattoo designs from gallery or try one of your own.


Blippar is a perfect amalgam of Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. If you are in for an unprecedented user experience, then Blippar is your app. Simply point your camera towards the sky and get a comprehensive weather report. Designed to transform everyday products into unprecedented interactive experiences, the Blippar app identify products by just looking at them. It metamorphoses brand to consumer interaction in an all new way through content rich and consumer interactive experiences.

As described by Ambrish Mitra, CEO of Blippar at TechCrunch Conference in 2015, Blippar is a visual search engine which is building Wikipedia of the physical world.

From campaigns to business and education, Blippar is a 360 degree app which can turn mobile phones into augmented reality devices, rendering a wow experience. Blipps are inclusive of m-commerce actions, 2D and 3D overlay, games, videos and location based services among others through accurate object recognition.