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Pokémon Go to Soon Feature an AR+ Mode, Suggests New Code

A closer look at the new update's code reveals that there might be a new mode coming out called AR+, allowing players to interact with the mixed reality game in a brand new way.


At 500 million downloads worldwide, Pokémon Go is the most popular AR game in history.

Though it seems fun to watch the Pokémon against a real world backdrop, it is actually difficult to catch them in the current AR mode, as they hang at a fixed spot on the screen. The player has to physically adjust his position to make the catch. A later update may have these pocket monsters anchored to the ground, as demonstrated in an early showcase that made use of apple’s ARKit.

It was also shown that players will be able to place multiple Pokemon in an AR Playground that could be used as a filter for taking photographs. It may take some time before it will be available on android devices.

The update features 50 new Pokémon from the Hoenn region (Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire), including Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Salamence, and more.The update will also mimics real-world weather conditionsin Map View, in battle, and when catching Pokémon. Even the appearance of certain Pokémon is now affected by the weather conditions. Water-types such as Mudkip, for example, will appear more frequently during the rain. It also has a weather icon and a dedicated button for a charged attack. The maximum storage capacity has been increased to 1,500.

The beta version enables battle parties that allow Trainers to save teams of up to six Pokémon to take into Gym battles and Raid Battles.

It is indicated by the update that players will be able to look around on their phones for hidden Pokémon. For example, a Pokémon hiding in bushes may be made to appear by tapping the bushes on the screen. A new “Expert Handler” badge will be awarded for the use of this feature.

Promising as it may look, it is still a speculation and it still remains to be seen when this mode Pokémon Go may become active. We are waiting for an official announcement by Niantic, the developers.

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