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Paramount Pictures to Launch First Virtual Reality Theater in Partnership with Bigscreen

Anyone with a VR headset and a Windows 10 PC can watch the iconic “Top Gun” for free.


Bigscreen recently announced its partnership with Paramount Pictures to bring Top Gun in 3D by bringing the movie theatre experience into VR.

The shows in the virtual reality theater will begin from 6:00 p.m. EST on December 29th, and you can choose from multiple showtimes in a 24-hour period till December 30th. The virtual theater includes a lobby decorated with popcorn stands and animated movie posters, where you can hang out with friends before immersing into the thrill of Top Gun.

Apart from a VR headset and a Windows 10 PC, there are no additional configuration or hardware requirements. It makes this first-ever attempt of a virtual theater more convenient for people to watch 3D movies online. Supported VR headsets include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, SteamVR compatible headsets and all Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

How it Works

To be a part of this event, you’ll need to download the Bigscreen Beta, available on the company’s website. On the event day, simply put on your VR headset and immerse into the Bigscreen. In the lobby, you’ll see entrances to 4 different showtimes. Simply look to the top of cinema screen that is currently playing. And within few seconds, you’ll be teleported automatically into the cinema.

The company says that Bigscreen is not just about utilizing virtual reality to let people watch movies without needing to leave from their home. It also provides a social experience with the help of voice and chat avatars for users who feel that they’re sitting next to their friends watching movies, even when they are geographically far away from each other.

While this is the first major event, the company plans to come up with exciting content in the form of movies, TV shows and videos that will be regularly screened each week from the coming year.

Source Bigscreen