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Magic Leap One: The Newly Unveiled Augmented Reality Goggles

The tech firm finally unveils their work, funded by Google, Alibaba among others.


The high valuation startup shares details about the product that targets developers. It consists of three pieces of hardware:

  • Lightwear: a headset using the trademarked “Digital Lightfield” display technology with integrated sensors to detect surfaces, planes and objects along with Soundfield audio to create amazing experiences.
  • Lightpack: the main powerhouse that drives the spatial computing platform which easily hooks to your pocket.
  • Control: a handheld controller with 6 DoF (degrees of freedom) to help users navigate menu selections and interact in the immersive world.

Other features include a robust sensor suite, persistent objects, Soundfield audio, high powered chipset and next generation interface.

Source: Magic Leap

“We’re adding another dimension to computing. Where digital respects the physical. And they work together to make life better. Magic Leap One is built for creators who want to change how we experience the world.”

The official website also mentions how the release could be used for gaming and socializing.

Early 2018, the company will also launch a creators portal that will provide tools, documentation, learning resources and support. This will help developers get accustomed to the virtual environment which is still fairly new to use.

The design for the new piece of technology is already inspiring a lot of praise and justifiably so. Unlike other products in the segment, the Magic Leap headset looks totally badass, with a steam-punk like look and feel. If sources are to be believed, we could soon be living in a world inspired by science fiction.

Though only time will tell how revolutionary the technology is, it is a good first step but could very well be a giant magical leap for technology today that raises the bar for design and development tools.

Source Magic Leap