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This Smart Glasses Lets You Shoot 360-Degree Videos in 4K Quality

The Orbi Glasses comes with four cameras that can capture high-quality videos and also works as normal sunglasses.


CES this year has been like always full of jaw dropping tech showings. The prime focus of CES this year was AR and head-mounted tech. Orbi prime’s 360-degrees camera glasses showcased at CES are another example of head-mounted tech. A crowd funding project in development since 2016, Orbi glasses finally made their debut at recently-concluded CES.

Source: Orbi Prime

Shooting 360 degrees videos has never been an easy task ever. You have to hold a dedicated camera and also simultaneously balance capturing your adventures and keeping your hands free, not to forget ensuring that you don’t come in the way of footage. Orbi’s 360-degree camera glasses, solve all these issues for you in the form of camera mounted sunglasses.

Orbi Prime is integrated with four 1080p cameras: two in the ends of the glasses’ arms and two on the frame. It is capable of capturing 4K quality video and can also output it to a phone via Wi-Fi, although the feature of live streaming isn’t given. The arms are thick and rigid (understandably so because of the camera hardware inside them). There is a dedicated button for recording footage and turning on the LED light. There are issues of overheating with the prototype, but they’ll be hopefully addressed in the commercial version.

The glasses are IP64 rated, i.e., they are water-resistant. A pair of camera each is present on both the temples and can capture 60 minutes of 1080p footage with the onboard storage (a microSD card) between every charge.

You can also use the frames as normal sunglasses, the lenses used in the Orbi glasses are polarized and adaptive. This provides you protection from UV radiation as well as glare.

The apps which are part of Orbi’s software ecosystem for the glasses enable both desktop and mobile users to swiftly stitch together and edit video footage and the WiFi built into the glasses saves you from the extra effort of uploading your video into PC to share it. The Orbi Primes are expected to begin shipping to IndieGoGo backers around August, stated a company representative, and can be pre-ordered for $399.

Source Orbi Prime PR