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Oculus Reveals Three New Immersive Music Apps for its Platform

VR developers Oculus just revealed three new VR apps for music.


The apps demonstrate the future of production, performance and music videos and essentially cover major aspects of the lifecycle of a song.

TribeVR DJ School

The collaborative effort of Tribe VR, Pyramind, and DJ Kryoman, tribe VR combines immersive, hands-on education with the art of mixing.

“I’m excited by the potential that VR offers the music industry,” Kryoman said. “VR opens up new ways for DJs and artists to connect with fans around the world, to make music production and DJing more accessible. This will change music for the better.”

Kryoman gave some initial tracks for the lessons and free-play mode. He will also be working on future master classes and technical lesson content for Tribe VR.


The focus for NOYS VR is on live performances. This is accomplished through interactive venues that are specifically designed for VR in collaboration with Stupid Goldfish. The early access release allows the team to get feedback from fans; multiplayer will be introduced in a future update allowing users  to experience concerts with friends.

“Music and concerts are based on the connection between artists and their fans,” explained NOYS VR co-founders Fabio Buccheri and Pascal Kuemper. “VR, with its ability to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously, offers the perfect technology to bridge the artificial with the emotional.”

Show It 2 Me 

Pulsating brains, demonic cars, and more, Show it 2 Me is an interactive music video for electronic duo Night Club’s single of the same name and makes use of Tilt Brush’s audio reactive tools for a psychedelic musical experience in VR.

“For me, the Tilt Brush Toolkit is kind of the point where VR tips from being entertainment to being a creative tool,” said Dylan Carter, the co-director of Show It 2 Me.

VR in audio has previously been attempted in apps and music videos setting a trend that allows us to experience music and not just listen to it.

Source Oculus