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Grolltex Creates Ultra Sensitive Graphene Sensors

The sensor is likely to disrupt the bio-sensing and defense industries.


The San Diego based company was just granted patent for the technology that uses the company’s 2D material technologies. The multi-modal sensor is made of a one atom thick single layer of graphene, as described by the patent.

Graphene Flexible Sensor
Source: Grolltex

“Our single atom thick sensor design, in the strain sensor configuration, is so sensitive that it captures a robust and repeatable signal on the contractility strength of individual cardiomyocytes, or heart cells, as they beat,” said Jeff Draa, CEO of Grolltex “This can be a holy grail for fields such as cardio-toxicity testing as it has the capacity to be a significant time and money saver in the new drug testing approval process.”

The patent has become a subject of interest among competitors and collaborators alike. Samples have been provided to possible collaborators for testing.

“We have had strong interest in the sensor design from several large, multinational corporations and we are currently evaluating the possibility of development agreements with the potential partners in strategic areas,” said Draa.

This graphene sensor patent has vast applications and is showing great potential with its range of abilities. The sensor has no significant signal drift when exposed to extreme levels of heat. Also, it can be discreetly layered into the skins of airplanes and other high-stress vehicles, or even buildings and bridges. Therefore, it can be used to measure and detect micro-stress in real time at levels not currently possible with our latest sensing technologies.

Graphene is the most popular materials in science and technology due to its flexibility, the one atom thickness, strength that is 200 times that of steel and superior conductivity.

“The readings from our sensor are literally unbelievable, meaning that when we share our data with people in the sensing field, they don’t believe it and we have to show them,” Draa added.

It could also revolutionize wearable devices, reducing the weight and size.

Source The Boss Magazine