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Nike Launches AR Design Tool that Lets Customers Design Their Own Shoes

The shoe-manufacturing giant just added a clever new AR experience at their Niketown London store.


Now you can customize your Nike shoes and see how they will look in real time. This is done by using a tablet where you can change the colour and material selection. The changes are projected on a white Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. The design is then sent to NIKEiD factory for production.

This was created by London based company smart pixels and makes use of mapping to project the changes on the shoe. The system detects the shape and size of the object in front of it and can track its movement.

Smart Pixels has earlier worked extensively on AR products for the retail sector like augmented reality mannequins, for example. This new experience revolutionizes shopping and demonstrates a brand new way for product customization.

Nike has also been working on some really cool AR products recently. Just few days ago, it patented AR glasses to help golfers improve their game by providing live stats about their swing.

The Air Force 1 iD shoes have been available for customization on the NIKEiD Direct Studio with three different colour palettes: the Essential, the Winterized and the NBA. It is still unclear when this technology will be available in other markets apart from London. This year has seen a lot of new companies from different industries entering AR. This increases interest in the technology for the non-technical companies and individuals.

Shopping doesn’t get any cooler than this. It is of much interest what new AR products the upcoming New Year will bring to us as the field has tremendous new possibilities and a lot of experimentation is going on. Follow us for more news on augmented and mixed reality as well as other contemporary technologies.

Source Nike News