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Doctor Who (Tele) Ports to Your Virtual Reality Headsets

The Doctor Who game, Time Vortex 360 comes to virtual reality and it’s the addictive kind of fun.


Starting 1963, Doctor Who has entertained three entire generations.  Earlier this year, the Tardis game was released as a web based game for fan-service. It is an interactive game that allows you to control the Tardis as it hurls endlessly through space and time.

The game is now available in Virtual Reality and it already has us geeking out. It is available on most of the popular VR headsets like Daydream and Cardboard and contains additional updates and extra features as a reboot. Though there is no official support for the Oculus Rift, it can be run on it with some minor tweaks. It is highly indulging, whether you’re a fan or not.

“Fly through the vortex! This new, rebooted version of the Time Vortex game is now available to play in VR! Steer the TARDIS to travel through different dimensions in space and time whilst avoiding hazards from the future and the past! Available to play on VR/mobile/desktop.”

Virtual Reality is gaining some major interest and this is just another addition to our collection of VR games, albeit a major one. The technology is getting easier and cheaper to develop and is already changing the way we interact with the digital world, narrowing the gap between humans and computers.

Now we have something to do as we wait for the Christmas special episode, a sneak peek for which was just released yesterday.

Source BBC Taster