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Facebook Virtual Reality: Facebook Takes another Leap with VR Chatrooms

Social Media tech giant Facebook now brings us virtual reality chat rooms where we can communicate with others as we are in person, change backgrounds and do a lot more.


Facebook, since the last decade, has been at the helm of changing the way we communicate with each other and present ourselves to the world. However, the California based company has now come up with an innovative new way of helping us communicate with each other that helps us interact almost as we do in person. Thanks to the Facebook Virtual Reality project, now people can talk to each other as if they share the same space with each other.

This exciting new technology is a significant add-on to their user experience. It is slated to help them gain more and more ground in a time when other tech giants are taking space. The introduction of the VR chat room will likely make more people regain trust in the company’s ability to provide exiting features. So let’s find out.



First, let us take a look how the overall interface of this virtual chat room looks like. The users will first need to wear their VR headsets and switch to Facebook’s virtual chat room. Once the chat sessions begin, the users will able to see each other in their respective virtual avatars or animated forms of what they look like in person. However, they will be not only capable of having a face to face conversation with each other’s virtual personas but also be able to see each other’s hand moments. This will be made possible with the help of the handheld VR controllers that will magnify the interactive experience.

What’s even more exciting is that they will also be able to use a variety of tools at their disposal to aid their interaction. This would include tools such as pens and sketch “virtual stationary” that allows them to draw and write. The VR chat room also comes with a “virtual selfie stick/camera”. This allows the users to take selfies with their virtual avatars of their friends.

Users can also change the background of their chat room with a wide range of places available to put as background. You can choose either a real place as your background with a webcam affixed over there or a virtual background just like your avatars.




In conclusion, it is apt to say that the Facebook Virtual Reality project has so many possibilities that it cannot only be used for fun and hanging out with your friends, but even official groups can use it for conferences if somehow they find this as a viable option instead of using Skype.

Let us hope that this new VR chat room by Facebook helps us improving our chat experience without replacing real person to person interactions.