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DoublX Launches Platform for Developing 3D Websites for VR Headsets

Beta version for the drag and drop tool for VR website creation is available now.


DoublX is a powerful web development tool that allows users to build websites in Virtual Reality in a free and easy to use environment. The created websites can run on any popular web browser without any additional plugins.

The company brags that the tool does not require a single line of code for VR creation. This is achieved by the use of RENDERER, which is an IP of DoublX. You can drag and drop elements and upload images in 360 degree without a hassle.

“We have developed a new type of technology for creating VR websites, so for the first time anyone can create such sites.” Says Gal Rotem, CEO of DoublX.

The Israel based company is all set to take on the internet with some notable users already signed up, including HumanEyes Technologies, for example.

While Google, Mozilla, etc. are already working on their VR solutions, like the A-frame by Mozilla, they require a basic knowledge of coding. It is really a matter of the level of sophistication one wishes to achieve and the available skill set.

The display counterpart, WebVR is being developed in collaboration between Google, Mozilla and Microsoft developers. The WebVR API allows the use of 3D content from apps like Unity and Blender, without the use of any additional software. It runs on nearly all available VR headsets.

While a white label solution is available for brands that want to use a custom skin, the tech currently works for a simple website. We are waiting for additional functionality that will enable us to create more complex websites and portals. The ability to twerk the code when necessary would be nice, along with mixing the tech with available libraries.

Source PR Newswire