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Vivitar Introduces New Kids Tech Augmented Reality Line at 2018 CES

The primary focus of this line will be to make fun STEM products accessible to kids everywhere.


Vivitar, will unveil its brand new augmented reality product line, at 2018 CES this week. The primary focus of this line will be to make fun STEM products accessible to kids everywhere. The new products include a headset for viewing 3D animal models, a globe that lets kids explore and learn the different cultures of the world, a microscope which makes use of augmented reality to learn more about what kids are looking at and also a do it yourself speaker kit. These latest products will be up for preview at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9-12, 2018.

Scheduled to be released in Q2 Vivitar’s new Kids Tech product line

Virtual Reality Headset and Augmented Reality Cards

  • To watch the animal come to life in 4D scan the interactive cards.
  • Compatible with all smartphones the content for headset is free for download.

Augmented Reality Microscope Kit

  • The 4D interactive cards and the microscope allow kids to experience different types of bugs in 4D.
  • Microscope offers three magnifications 300x, 600x, and 1000x

Augmented Reality Globe

  • Learn and explore all about a city or country by simply scanning it on the globe with your smartphone

DIY Speaker Box

  • Has everything required needed to build your own speaker set.
  •  To play simply put your phone in the speaker’s dock

Augmented Reality Telescope

  • Enables you to view the planets  both in the sky and on your smartphone screen
  • Each planet has its 4D interactive card which gives a view of that planet along with additional information
  • The telescope is adjustable and it comes with built in scope for viewing and powerful lens

About Vivitar 

Vivitar is a manufacturer and designer of consumer electronics in the affordable price bracket, which range from digital lifestyle products for millennials to camera and its accessories for professional as well as amateur photographers. Now, the company’s expertise extends to constantly evolving range of specialty products in electronics, camera, mobile and audio accessories.

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