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New York Times Integrates Augmented Reality with the News App

NYT has found out a way to make news ever more interesting to read or rather experience it live using Augmented Reality.


Who likes reading news? The most boring thing to do! It’s monotonous, irritating, and what not! But it’s important to be able to participate in discussions, because that’s how one gets more topics. New York Times has found out a way to make it ever more interesting to read a newspaper, or rather experience it LIVE! Using Augmented Reality, the NYT will now allow you to use your phone’s camera not just to capture images but to also look through it in the spaces in your living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, just wherever! And what would it do? It’ll be like watching that Olympics swimmer swim in the pool in front of your eyes, in your living room. You’d want to go near them, touch the water, but would you be able to? No. Because it’s not real!

Source: NYTimes

This unique way of presenting the news would probably never let anybody get bored. The phone’s exceptional reason — catching pictures — has extended to incorporate another part: making a scaffold between our physical and computerized universes. The shooting, the latest Bugatti Veyron in your garage, that Michelangelo painting would all appear to be in your own home!

Who thought our very phones would become an interface between journalism and Augmented Reality! It would no more be difficult to understand and estimate the physical sizes of objects. AR is another pathway that can lead far from the theoretical portrayal of articles and toward a more instinctive feeling of genuine scale and physicality.

Like that blouse? Don’t know how it’s back is? No more swiping the pictures back and forth to see the print and the designs. Just look thought the camera and there it is! Hanging in your dressing; just walk up to it and view it from all the angles necessary to get the right understanding of the product.

By now, it is no rocket science to have figured out that Augmented Reality and photographs are two very different things. While one lets you view something as if it is physically present in front of you, in the exact same shape, size, and color, the latter merely lets you see a two-dimensional form of the same thing, which can be different in size and color, depending upon the camera’s lens and the screen you’re watching it on. Hope to see this new technology revolutionize the way we watch news!

Source NYT