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YouTube VR Now Available on Steam for Early Access

The version, though ambitious is still buggy but provides a nice insight into the future of visual media.


Early access titles are released so that the developer team can get a better insight at the developmental stage, making changes easier compared to fully developed software. It is a community based approach and reviews and comments from social media and the store itself are used to further optimize the product for large scale adoption. Same goes for YouTube VR. Support and custom in-app features will be available soon.

It is going to stay in early access for the entire year. “We plan on further optimizing VR specific controls and features as well as incorporating the learnings we get from Early Access.”

The ‘game’ allows users to view the entirety of YouTube’s VR content as a 3D world and each channel can be explored in virtual reality.

To use YouTube VR, you need to have Windows 10 with at least 8 GB RAM, Direct X 11, 4 GB space, Intel i5-6400(or better) and a graphics card equivalent to or better than the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980.

Google assures us that YouTube will always remain available for free.

The tech has the possibility to disrupt an entire industry. Today’s generation is a heavy consumer of video media and VR allows these videos to be experienced. Be it a concert or a football game, watching it in 360 is an experience like none other. Currently it is only available on HTC Vive.

Source Steam