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The ArtView and Gallery Wall Designer tools give you a chance to utilize AR to put a digital form of a work of art, which you liked in the market, up on your wall.


AR is the innovation that lets one experience the world in a computerized shape, yet having the capacity to detect it in a way that appears to be genuine. From web based channels, to surgical techniques, AR is rapidly creating in noticeable quality since it brings segments of the virtual world, into our actual world, thusly redesigning the things we see, hear, and feel.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are converse impressions of one in another with what every innovation tries to achieve and convey for the client. Virtual reality offers an advanced amusement of a genuine setting, while augmented reality conveys virtual components as an overlay to this present reality.

While it is known that AR lacks any practical uses, leading to the not so often used ARKit for iPhones, there still is one advantage to exploit. gives you a chance to utilize AR to put a digital form of a work of art, which you liked in the market, up on your wall.

ArtView is one of the features of ARKit that enable one to view a virtual form the artwork desired. It has the following advantages:

  • The digital artwork would be precisely sized, matching the size of the physical desired craftsmanship. This helps the user clearly understand how it would look on the walls of their rooms.
  • The database consists of two million art pieces, along with umpteen numbers of frames to go with the selected art. These frames can be customized according to choice. exploits AR in a manner that it can adhere to genuine inquiries for clients that line up with their wants. Gaming is not the only place where AR can be used. With the advancement in technology, people are coming up with more innovative ways to use AR and its features.

Source: Art Blog



Notwithstanding its expanded aspirations, is planning to launch a component called Gallery Wall Designer which gives clients a chance to try out how unique bits of craftsmanship look in a gathering exhibition arrangement.

Collages, the modern way of using art to decorate homes, has a huge scope in the AR industry. is going forward to adjust itself to the most recent home work of art setting which basically includes bunching a few bits of art pieces together. The next update would include the attribute of letting the user take proposals, swap in various alternatives, see what the combo looks like and purchase the entire bundle.

Source Art Blog