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Top 4 IoT Devices of 2017

Connectivity among devices is a primary factor in the assessment of flexibility and luxury. For every device without an easy means of interaction (connectivity) with as many devices as possible, there is a lack of luxury. But this challenge has been overwhelmed by IoT products.


IoT (Internet of Things) devices are designed to be accessed or connected to the internet or other devices using just a single switch. These devices include Smartphones, lamps, headsets, refrigerator, and many other devices. While the production of IoT devices is aimed at simplifying our lifestyle with our gadgets in the area of accessibility, every year leaves the market with a brand new set of IoT products in areas we may have reasoned impossible to the achievement of this flexibility.

A few of the latest IoT devices are reviewed below to foster a better understanding of how much that has been achieved towards wireless connectivity.

Nest Cam: Outdoor

This IoT product is the most outstanding device anyone seeking to monitor things going on around his/her house should get. The device is built weatherproof; it doesn’t fail to function due to weather. Nest Cam plugs in, so it never runs out of batteries.


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This IoT device sends an alert to your Smartphone when it tracks anomalies. While you’re able to see the event, you can also respond right through your Smartphone. Nest Cam allows you to replay the events to see exactly what has happened in case you want to re-observe the event. You can also play the event at your speed of choice.


Nest Cam allows you to stay connected to your home even in the dark. With Nest Cam, security looks possible and flexible.


Chamberlain: Garage connectivity Kit

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Chamberlain guarantees you with a full monitor and control of your garage store using any nearby computer, tablet or Smartphone. This IoT device is connected to your garage controller to give you access to the remote lamp control or light switch, and the garage door opening/closing.


The setup just requires an internet gateway to add the accessory to your account which you have created with the IoT device website. Using this device, you can control your garage anywhere and anytime. Chamberlain notifies you in case there is an unusual activity happening in your garage.


Nest indoor gadgets

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One of the most promising of home integrated IoT devices, Nest provides you a host of gadgets that can be used to turn your home into a smart home. The temperature control devices and smart camera IQs enables the user to control and monitor every parameter inside and outside of your house with ease.


Philips Hue

Why not change the Lighting ambiance inside your house to your mood. All that without even getting up from your chair! Philips Hue gives you the control over Hue light bulbs. They can light in different colors all controlled via the Philips Hue app.


IoT is not at all a tech that’s too far away into the future. Get your hands on all these mentioned gadgets with ease now. This is the future, and every major company is trying their part into contributing to it. Why wait?! Get your hands on the IoT devices and stay updated all the time!


What a luxury fashion of flexibility indeed!

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