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Top 5 Predictions for The Internet Of Things

For 2018, there are many predictions for IoT, and the chances that these predictions will come to pass are very high.


Internet of Things has transformed the world we live in today. By creating the connection between different dives and making their sharing and exchanging of information simpler, IoT has made a lot of things simpler including the running of businesses, homes, and more.

Here are the top 5 predictions for IoT that hold greater chances of turning into a reality:


Some of these predictions are:

1. Cyber Attacks

IoT will cause a rise in more damaging cyber attacks than we have ever witnessed before. In as much as the security awareness for using IoT is growing, the security threats will escalate. This is because it is difficult to implement strong controls for security. Hackers will always seek to extract important information to extort money from users or do more damage. Since many devices will get connected both from workplace and home, people will fall victim in a bid to protect themselves, their jobs, and even their homes.

2. Alexa and Assistant Compatible Devices

More marketers will take advantage that IoT offers to build their brands. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are used in a lot of devices, and they have made things a lot easier. They will also open up the marketer’s eyes to include a more interactive experience for the clients who will, in turn, build their brand. They will include new interfaces in their smart home speakers or their smartwatches.

3. European Commission on IoT Guidelines

IoT data will commercialize in Europe with the new guidelines. In the USA, 45% decision makers for data and analytics decisions gave it a ‘go-ahead.’ In French, 35% gave a green light while German had 38%. With these statistics, the European Commission will give guidelines to boost the use of advanced technology, and this will consequently spark the economy revolving data.

4. On-premise Data Analysis Solutions

In 2018, more firms will deploy their business processes that require local analysis of data to be done close to the devices that are connected and are responsible for the processes. The IoT enabled devices will carry out the processes locally depending on the data they produce. The devices will also enjoy the benefits that cloud offers such as configuration, scalability, security, management, and deployment, making it easier to run business and increase the productivity.

5. Greater Penetration in Multiple Industry Verticals

Ten years from now, IoT will connect agriculture to increase production and lower inputs. It will also connect transport system to facilitate vehicle-to-vehicle communication along with improvement in the healthcare system. This will enable better decision-making and development of smarter caring environments for patients. With such connections, every aspect of life will run smoothly, and the simplicity of life will be at a whole new level.

With the introduction of the Internet of Things, a lot has changed over the years. Things can only get better as more developments take place. In the coming years, the use of Internet of Things will be in every aspect of life. It will simplify every aspect of life by establishing excellent communications between devices we use daily.

Via: Digitalistmag, Forbes