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Most Useful Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone and iPad

From an app that let's you design your home to bringing GIFs into real world, here's a list of 7 iPhone and iPad apps based on Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality applications have enabled smartphone users to immerse into the virtual world with just a tap on the screen. There’s a horde of AR-enabled apps already available on the Apple Store. Here are some of the best ones (both paid and free) that you should try out, if you’re really looking to do more with your iPhone or iPad:

1. Houzz


This is an exquisite app that lets you design your home as well as your office the way you want in an attempt to redecorate, and you get to see the general outlook for the design. This app has a new 3D tool called View My Room that takes things to a new level. With over 500,00pieces of furniture as well as home décor to use in the redecoration process, you will be spoilt for choice, and at long last, you will have a perfect look.

Price: Free


2. MeasureKit

AR MeasureKit

Taking measurements have been made easier with this application. You can do a lot of things using this MeasureKit. You can measure a person’s height; angles, and also surfaces whether they are leveled or not. The accuracy of this AR application is commendable and very fascinating.

Price: Free


3. Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands

This is a strategy game that employs AR to enable players to play the game in their living room or a wider space. To download this game, you will spend almost $4, but it is worth the experience. This architecture puzzle game will thrill you and keep you entertained for longer.

Price: $3.99


4. CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather

For you to enjoy the AR mode, you have to upgrade this weatherbot to the latest version 4.1.2. If not, you can purchase it from App store for almost $4. It is an excellent application that gives you weather readings and helps you keep track of weather changes throughout the day.

Price: $4.99


5. Edmunds


Edmunds is an application that helps you to research and buy cars. It has a feature that helps you to determine whether a car you will buy will fit in the garage or not by putting a life-sized car in front of you in a room. There are thousands of car selections to choose from using this app. So far, these cars are not painted to mimic a real car, but we hope things get better.

Price: Free


6. GIPHY World


We all know how fun GIFs are and Giphy World has used AR to bring these GIFs into our world and our rooms. It is also very easy to record a video with it. If your friends have this application on their phones, you will be able to share the scenes with them, and they will be able to interact with your GIFs without limitations.

Price: Free


7. IKEA Place

IKEA Place

This is also an amazing app that lets you shop wisely. With its amazing features, you will be able to drop any 3D model furniture to your home using AR so that you can see how good or bad it will look. It gives you the ability to preview it regarding the size and the style so that by the time you are purchasing it, you will have a clear image of what to expect.

Price: Free


With these Augmented Reality apps for iOS devices, you can rest assured that your experience will never be the same again. Download them from Apple store to immerse into the world of augmented reality!

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