This AR-enabled Blockchain App Comes with A Host of Features and Real Rewards

Dubbed as “Pokemon Go meets Foursquare", the all-new app comes with a host of features and real rewards.


The CEO of GEON Network, Robert Radek shared his excitement about this new App saying, “We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking app. GEON is a mix of location, AR, and cryptocurrency on a blockchain-powered platform that opens up a world of possibility for gaming, charity, retail, and many other industries. GEON Network’s app will allow users to securely transfer, exchange and store value, regardless of the local infrastructure – using only a smartphone. It’s like Pokémon Go meets Foursquare, but with more features and real rewards.”

This latest 1.0.0 release of the app enables users to design and find two distinct types of “Geons” or AR beacons that are entirely customized using their phones. One of the Geons come with Geon coins, and the other one has been called a “Secret Message” Geon. The great thing about this app is that both these Geons have the ability to take any shape and they can also be accessed and seen by anyone. In addition to that, the “Secret Message” Geons can also hold game clues, discount codes and secret messages. On the other hand, Geon coins can hold digital coins that the users will be able to convert to fiat or cryptocurrency in the future versions of the app. Furthermore, both these types of apps can be created anywhere globally, so long as the users possess the Geon app.

The users can use Geon 1.0.0 in a variety of ways. They can hide clues in the “Secret Message” Geons and then disperse them across an entire city for geocaching and scavenger hunts. It is also possible for business owners to utilize this app by creating Geons in their own stores and loading them with discount codes. Thereafter, Geon users will be able to access these Geons and avail discounts on services or merchandise.

As shared by Radek, “The unique combination of AR and location, with the added tool of secure value transfer, means the applications are endless. We are excited to get the app into the hands of users and developers and to explore the many ways it can be used.”

Source BusinessWire

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