All-New ‘Point & Place’ AR Platform For Retailers and Brands

This Augmented Reality shopping platform promises to make shopping fun.


Global A-Commerce giant, EyeKandy recently revealed its plans of partnering with the conglomerate Flixmedia to promote global sales of their latest “Point & Place” AR platform for retailers and brands.

EyeKandy created this “Point & Place” platform, and several retailing giants such as Walmart and Euronics have already adopted the platform. This cloud-based platform works by enabling all the retailers and brands to exploit the unprecedented consumer awareness that is made possible with the technology of Augmented Reality today. This further allows them to offer a super engaging shopping experience to their customers by an “Instant On” shopping that is provided on their websites and on-site.

This Augmented Reality shopping platform promises to make shopping fun. Point & Place is a free AR app (Apple App Store or Google Play) that allows the users to see firsthand how the products they buy will look in their homes before actually purchasing them. This is an equivalent of the perfect try room in a high-end shopping mall where you can try on the clothes you wish to buy before paying for them.

How it works is pretty easy. All you have to do to get it working is open the app and select your product. Then, simply point the device to the area in your house where you wish to place the product and then tap the screen to see the magic happen!

This Point & Place AR app allows you to browse through countless products across a wide range of categories. All you need to do is select the product, the category, and the room and then point and place it in your house to see the results. This enables all users to have a fun and exciting shopping experience and also helps them decide whether or not they wish to purchase that product.

This revolutionary platform is a genius idea as it eliminates the need to go through expensive R&D for brands and retailers. Ergo, they do not have to indulge in fairly expensive AR product models to make shopping more convenient for the users.

Needless to say, this AR platform is a boon to all brands and users alike!

Source prnewswire

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