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3D Rudder to Release a Controller for Consoles

The 3D Rudder controller would be accessible to consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.


As large and brilliant of a place to move around as our reality seems to be, the virtual / advanced world is much more so. An interminability of activities and spots to investigate, it’s a radical new gathering with a fresh out of the box new arrangement of moves.

3D Rudder’s main goal is basic: To make moving in VR, recreations and 3D application and universes, as common and understandable as it can be. For the enjoyment, for the excite, for the delight, for its development. The recently launched newest model Blackhawk model – a foot powered controller by 3D Rudder, at CES 2018, is not only limited to PC users, but will also serve the VR functions.

Till now, the controller is compatible with all Computer games and can be paired with VR headsets, like HTC and Oculus, to make the experience even more realistic. The 3D Rudder team has announced that they are now working with console producers and would shortly reveal their new product, a 3D Rudder for consoles.

A patented innovation in a simple look.

Source: 3D Rudder Business

To maintain the suspense, the Executive Vice President, Christophe Dissaux, has only revealed that the 3D Rudder Foot Motion Controller would be accessible to consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Looking at the other products of 3D Rudder, it is evident that the controller would be compatible with PlayStation, amongst many, because the technology is basically intended for VR videogames. Also, they’ve had fruitful results from the PlayStation VR head-mounted display, so there are no surprises as to how the PlayStation would be a platform for the same. But then, the simple mention of Xbox is amazement, as any affirmation for VR HMDs coming to Xbox hasn’t been heard so far. It is conceivable, obviously; this could just be a variant of 3dRudder expected for use in a more conventional gaming situation, however the bits of gossip about Windows Mixed Reality bolster make raise the hopes up.

Notwithstanding the theory, it can take as affirmation that it is the intention of 3D Rudder to help console gaming with their foot fueled controller innovation, however regardless of whether we’ll ever observe an item come to showcase is as yet another enquiry totally.

Hopefully, this latest technology of 3D Rudder would win the hearts of Virtual Reality users and would rule the markets once it is out.

Source 3d Rudder